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Reflections of Spring in Lockdown

Spring is my most favourite season - the prospect of longer days and warmer weather to come; and certainly this year we have been blessed with exceptionally sunny days. A welcome distraction in these strange times of lockdown. I am so grateful for the kindness of a wonderful neighbour who offered me use of a greenhouse and so I have been spending time nurturing seeds and seedlings. I am looking forward to crops of tomatoes, cucumber, beans, peas, carrots, beetroot and many more.

The greenhouse, along with watching the variety of wildlife visiting my garden has been a positive distraction both mentally and physically from the frustration and disappointment at not being able to work.

In early Spring the ancient woodlands around us were carpeted in bluebells and cyclamen; more recently we have been reaping the rewards of wild garlic and have loved the wild garlic pesto recipe - courtesy of Alex Laird in her beautiful book Root to Stem (published by Penguin Life). All around us the rhododendrons graced us with their colourful displays and I have been blessed with a rather blousy peony - named 'Shirley Temple'. The mint and lemonbalm in the garden has gone mad and so I have been making lots of refreshing tea - so cooling on those hot Spring days.

Along with my green fingered pursuits I have also been keeping myself up to date with lots of online learning and courses and I have been monitoring guidance from my professional organisations and the Government, to help me plan how I can safely open when we are able to do so. In the meantime I am still here for you if you need any support or advice and I can provide online sessions as well as distant Reiki - just call or text me to discuss further.

I hope you are all doing OK in these challenging times and finding positive ways to cope with any difficulties you may be facing.

Love and light

Tina x

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