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Well I have only gone and done it.....

Almost two years ago I decided I needed to refresh my massage skills and signed up to a 3 day foundation course at Jing Advanced Massage Training®️ in Brighton. It was a fantastic course and fulfilled my training needs at that time, but one of their team suggested I also consider their training programme in Advanced Clinical Massage. This would take approximately a year studying muscle anatomy, trigger point pain referral patterns, acupressure points, myofascial release, clinical assessment and range of motion testing, pain pathologies and of course all the different treatment protocols PHEW! I did take a lot of persuading, particularly as I have already done a lot of academic study through my life and had promised myself that I wouldn't do another academic course. In addition I had to borrow funds to pay for the course, which I am still paying off. For those who see me regularly you know that I have already been using many of Jing's techniques in your treatment.

Little did any of us know that Covid-19 was just around the corner and would impact our learning. However, the brilliant team at Jing came up with a genius plan to move the training online with live theory and massage-along webinars, access to their online manuals and finally safe, socially distanced with full PPE face-to-face training. So what should have been a year has taken 18 months, but I have to say it was worth it and I am thrilled to report that last week I passed both the written and practical exams and can now proudly add Jing Method™️ Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist (level 5) to my repertoire.

So what does this mean for you and what you can expect from a treatment?

A Jing Method™ Advanced Clinical Massage Treatment will involve:

In line with government guidelines on close contact work

  • A thorough pre-treatment consultation and assessment online or over the phone. Together with your therapist you will agree on your desired outcome from treatment

  • A 45 minute hands-on treatment

  • Re-assessment of your pain levels and range of motion post treatment

  • Follow-up aftercare session online or over the phone. You will be given appropriate stretches/ mobilisations/mindfulness or strengthening exercises to help achieve your agreed outcome in a timely fashion

for further information contact me on 07932635182 or


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